Modstore presents MODX Revolution Extras in a marketplace format.

Modstore is part of our MODX servicestack, this also includes:

  • Modhost.pro, a special hosting service for MODX, which integrates with Modstore.
  • Modx.pro, which is the platform of the biggest Russian-speaking community of developers.
  • Docs.modx.pro, which is a public repository that contains the corresponding documents of the Extras offered on Modstore.

We started working together in 2013. Nowadays we are world’s biggest platform of paid MODX Extras.

The marketplace works with 93 active authors and offers 424 Extras in total, which can be both paid and free. Many of the best Russian-speaking developers cooperate with us.

Before an Extra gets placed on the marketplace, it gets strictly checked by our specialists. Therefore, only high quality Extras are being offered.

Each Extra comes with a corresponding, detailed documentation and the possibility to update it through the sitemanager. The authors provide free technical support for 1 year after purchase.

Also, there is a special discount system for paid Extras. Repetitive purchases are rewarded with discounts and new Extras get sold at a reduced price sometimes.

E-mail: info@modstore.pro.


  • Sole proprietor Leonid Valentinovich Krylov
  • Primary state registration number of sole proprietor 314774604800328
  • Tax reference number 773605012642
  • Date of issue: 17.02.2014
  • Address of issue: Vavilova street, apt 56-1, flat 43, Moscow, Russia, 119296
  • Post address: Ostryakova street, apt 6, flat 140, Moscow, Russia, 125057

Bank details:

  • Settlement account 40802810500070017356 in PLC Joint-Stock Commercial Bank “Avangard”
  • Correspondent account 30101810000000000272