Install the extra sdStore from the official repository. It will automatically configure all the parameters of our provider.

Or read the instruction, there is a detailed description of the authorization and connection process.

Check the connection settings:

  • Name -
  • Service URL - if https does not work, try simply http
  • Username is your email, with which you authorize on this site.
  • API key - your generated access key.
  • Description - optional field.

Please note that the fields "Service URL", "User name", "API key" can not contain spaces.

Make sure that the login (e-mail) is the one you used when purchasing the extra.

Check the functionality of the key on demo-tariff of hosting Modhost. The problem may be related to the settings of your site.

We do not recommend installing extras on the local host and do not guarantee stable work for the store extras on it. Try our hosting for MODX.

Yes, you can generate any number of keys from one account. Log in and click the Create a new key button.

No, technical support does not apply to free store extras. Most of the issues related to free extras are discussed in detail in the community

No, to download free extras, you can connect with a blank login and key.

No. The extra must be purchased every time for a new site.

Yes. Once you can reset the host address in the account yourself. A request for further reset is sent to the moderator. Each case is considered individually. The request must contain a justification for the discharge.

Also we support the work of extras on the subdomains dev and new. You do not need to reset the key for such site - they will work on all domains:, and

Moreover, you can add one digit to subdomain to get up to 20 test sites:, etc.

In the descriptions of some components there are links to the demo version. Many extras can be tested for Hosting Modhost for free within 24 hours.

Installing extras is available when creating a new site or when reinstalling an existing one.

Each purchase gives you a 10% cumulative discount on the next purchase of the same extra, but not more than 50%. The discount does not apply to other packages.

No, we provide only assistance in customizing the extras. For help in setting up the system, you can refer to the community

Just buy package again with a 10% discount on the same key - support will last for another year.

In the English version, additions are published, the authors of which provide support in English.

The price is tied to the Russian ruble exchange rate.

The source code for most extras is available in Github authors projects. Write to them or make a pull-request. We invite you to discuss the issues on

At the time of purchase, you will receive an email notification. All authors are provided with detailed sales statistics in the section of the private office.