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Modstore Authors are leading MODX developers, creators of universal components for CMF MODX. Thousands of sites around the world are built on our extras. The chart is formed from a set of 7 criteria and displays the developer's contribution to the extras marketplace, open source and MODX ecosystem.

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Some authors take orders. You can contact them with the application through the feedback form or in the chat on the author's page.

Rating is a contractor selection tool. Remember that the authors are not our employees, so Modstore does not participate in your transactions, payment and performance issues.

Method of calculating points

The author develops new extras that buy and download. Promptly responds to customer requests in tech. support. Writes useful comments and articles in the community. Supports Open Source and puts useful components for free to use on Github. Sharing knowledge: attends and speaks at the events of marketplace.

Every extra in Modstore 10 points
Every sale extra per month 5 points
Every 100 downloads 1 pont
Punctuality in technical support:
Reaction on average within 2 hours 50 points
Reaction on average within 4 hours 25 points
Average tech. support rating 4.5 and more 50 points
Every 20 rating points at 1 point
Every star on github 2 points