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Warning! This package requires MODX not less than 2.3 !
The component is relevant for online stores administrators.

Bot creating

  1. Look in the telegram of the user @botfather and add it, press start.
  2. Write: /newbot.
  3. botFather will ask us to enter the name of the bot, for example: myShop.
  4. Next, enter the username of the bot, it should end in Bot or _bot. This is the name by which you can find this bot, for example: myShop_bot or myShopBot.
  5. After this, there should be a message about creating a bot with a token.
  6. Then we add our bot to the contact list.
  7. Go to the link<*token*>/getUpdates, <*token*> we got in previous step. Here we will see all id chats and those who added themselves a bot.


Go to the system settings, and we find 2 options:
  • mstelegram_token, here enter the token,
  • mstelegram_recepients, here enter chat id, who will receive notifications.

Made based on the guide from Michael.

Thread in MODX.PRO community.