Modern Events FullCalendar – Events Management System
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Version 1.0.1-pl
Release date 08.08.2017
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DropCalendar provide to create, edit and remove events on fullcalendar library.

jQuery plugin for a full-sized, drag & drop event calendar with php backend.
Uses bootstrap library, modal windows jquery UI and moment.js to work in ajax mode.

The main idea of the component is to enable the user to manage events using only mouse.

Componenent includes 3 snippet:

DcManage is the Main snippet, is responsible for managing the events.
Add event in 2 ways
• Drag event
• Click on one of the days (long press for mobile devices)
To edit an event, you must click on it and change the information in a modal window.
Delete event is also possible in 2 ways:
• Click on the event and delete
• Drag to the remove area.

Chunk DcEvManage displays the calendar.
You can change event title, event showing order.

There are 7 color solution. You can change color style here:

Chunk DcwCreate — modal window for the new event. Appears after clicking on one of the days.
Chunk DcwUpdate — modal window to edit the event. Appears after clicking on the event.

Snippet DcShow responsible for showing events to users. There is no possibility rectilinie of events, only display.
Chunk DcwShow shows the full information about the event.

Snippet DcTable lists all events in the table view.
Chunk DcTableOuter table template
Chunk DcTableRow the table row template.

It is possible to use multiple calendars.
Just specify the number of calendar in options:

by default.
  • Snippets, chunks, categories rename
  • Table category fix
  • Add an opportunity to create event with the same title
  • Touch Punch for mobile devices
  • Modal window fix for mobile devices
  • Minor style changes