Helper when working with the ALT attribute
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Version 1.0.6-beta
Release date 09.03.2019
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Warning! This component requires PHP version 5.5 or higher! If your site uses PHP less than required, the installation of this package could break it.
ATTENTION! For correctly work of this package, the version Libxml >= 2.7.8 is required. You can check the Libxml version in phpinfo(); .

ALT is one of the attributes of the IMG tag, it is an alternative text for the image. In search engines, not only text is indexed, but also graphic information and images – one of the sources of additional traffic. Besides the fact that image attributes contribute to search engine optimization, they also bring meaning to the images, allowing the user to understand what is depicted on them.

Not everyone and not always fill these attributes, sometimes due to misunderstanding of their importance, and sometimes simply because of inattention. My package solves this problems. By installing it, you will be able to configure the test attributes and/or use the AutoFill.

Component Settings:

althelper_activate — Enables or disables package work.
althelper_auto_title — If enabled, the title will be added to the image with a value from alt.
althelper_disallow_save — If enabled, the user will not be able to save the resource if alt is missing, if it is empty or has the wrong format.
althelper_alt_from_title — If enabled, the empty alt tags will automatically receive a value from Pagetitle or Longtitle (if the last one is filled).

When you turn on the althelper_disallow_save setting, the package automatically checks the values of the alt attribute and prevents you from saving the resource if the value has the following formats:

alt=" "

Work levels

Actually, the component has 4 modes of operation, they are all governed by the settings. Initially, all settings are disabled.

althelper_activate — Level 0. The component simply turns on and nothing else happens.
althelper_auto_title — Level 1. The component creates the title attribute and duplicates the value from the alt attribute. If the alt attribute is missing, title is not created.
althelper_alt_from_title — Level 2. If the user forgot to specify alt, he is created automatically from Pagetitle or Longtitle at the time of rendering the page.
althelper_disallow_save — Level 3. The hardest level, checks for the presence of the alt attribute, for emptiness and correctness of filling. Returns either a successful resource save or a eror window with description.

You need to activate the plugin by turning on the althelper_activate setting and choose which level of work the plugin will perform. All levels can be combined, except for levels 2 and 3 — they are incompatible, because the alt from the title is not filled at the time of saving the resource, but at the time of its rendering and you will always receive a notification that the saving of the resource failed.

1.0.6-beta [03 September 2019]

  • Fix OnLoadWebDocument event save

1.0.5-beta [7 August 2019]

  • Work only in HTML content_type in OnLoadWebDocument event

1.0.4-beta [4 August 2019]

  • Fix getAttribute Alt and Title value in OnLoadWebDocument event
  • Fix loadHTML function

1.0.3-beta [1 July 2019]

  • Added trim function for alts and titles

1.0.2-beta [03 June 2019]

  • Work only in mgr context

1.0.1-beta [12 April 2019]

  • Fix work with modParser & pdoParser
  • Fix for some regular expression
  • Fix double title attribute

1.0.0-beta [10 April 2019]

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