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Version 2.1.26-pl
Release date 04.08.2021
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The component is intended for stock-on-hand (product remains) account. Stock on hand can be formed based on any number of properties (using miniShop2 product fields).

During product editing, specify the number of stock-on-hand products for each combination of properties specified in component settings.

After the order status becomes equal to the status specified in component settings, the amount of the product remains ordered by the customer will be reduced automatically by the amount in the customer's shopping cart.

Component settings

1. Open system settings, choose «msproductremains», and set necessary parameters for your website.

2. Open your product edit page, fill in product property values specified in component settings, and save the product.

3. Open the «Product Remains» tab, update the table, and edit necessary product remains in it.

This ends the component setting process.

Discuss the component in the MODX.PRO community.

msProductRemains 2.1.26-pl

  • Support msInformUser
  • Support Babel
  • Fixed updating remains on event msOnBeforeUpdateOrderProduct
  • Fixed saving fractional remains

msProductRemains 2.1.25-pl

  • Fixed some php warnings

msProductRemains 2.1.24-pl

  • Support float remains for mSync
  • Fixed getting list of remains in manager
  • Added lexicon mspr_product_id
  • Fixed ru lexicon

msProductRemains 2.1.23-pl

  • Fixed view custom options in remains grid

msProductRemains 2.1.22-pl

  • Remains field has type is float now
  • Added some checks for plugin
  • Fixed creating menu entry via installer

msProductRemains 2.1.21-pl

  • Snippet & plugin is no static now
  • Fix save remains when value is 0
  • Event msprOnChangeRemains may has mode "new"
  • Remove modAction

msProductRemains 2.1.20-pl

  • Add variables to lexicon "mspr_not_enough"
  • Fix icon for reset filters button

msProductRemains 2.1.19-pl

  • Added filter for mSearch2

msProductRemains 2.1.18-pl

  • Support mSync

msProductRemains 2.1.17-pl

  • Fix create remains when create product

msProductRemains 2.1.16-pl

  • Fix using default_per_page option

msProductRemains 2.1.15-pl

  • Fix get option value for remains table

msProductRemains 2.1.14-pl

  • Fix check remains for option value as integer

msProductRemains 2.1.13-pl

  • Added new active events for plugin.
  • Fixed generate options combs.

msProductRemains 2.1.12-pl

  • Support custom options by miniShop2 2.4.

msProductRemains 2.1.11-pl

  • Fixed styles on update product page.

msProductRemains 2.1.10-pl

  • Snippet getRemains return JSON data with keys return value json.
  • Get remains for default options on load web document.
  • Fixed wrong getting product's options combs.

msProductRemains 2.1.9-pl

  • Fixed errors with PHP 7.1.

msProductRemains 2.1.8-pl

  • Fixed get remains via AJAX.

msProductRemains 2.1.7-pl

  • Fixed search in table of remains.
  • Fixed refund remains.

msProductRemains 2.1.6-pl

  • Fixed init tabs for miniShop2 2.4.
  • Fixed refund remains.

msProductRemains 2.1.5-pl

  • Fixed plugin before change order status.

msProductRemains 2.1.4-pl

  • Added events when remains of the product changed.

msProductRemains 2.1.3-pl

  • Fixed init plugins class for miniShop2 2.4

msProductRemains 2.1.2-pl

  • Added refund remains when order was deleted.
  • Fixed refund remains.

msProductRemains 2.1.1-pl

  • Added support PHP 7.
  • Fixed wrong getting options combs without values.
  • Fixed wrong getting all remains in frontend.

msProductRemains 2.1.0-pl

  • Added English lexicon.
  • Added French lexicon.
  • Fixed wrong getting product's options combs.
  • Fixed wrong getting remains in frontend.