Support of OpenStack Object Storage media sources
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Version 1.3.1-pl
Release date 04.16.2018
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Warning! This component requires PHP version 5.3 or higher! If your site uses PHP less than required, the installation of this package could break it.
Warning! This package requires MODX not less than 2.3 !
OpenStack\Rackspace Object Storage media sources. This protocol is used by Selectel, Clodo, Rackspace, Softlayer and many other.

Originally this extra was based on Amazon S3 media source source code.


  • Added new "service" property to media source, because Selectel adores to change it.


  • Added caching of token to decrease the number of requests.

1.2.4-pl (13.07.2017)

  • Improved listing of files in the manager tree.

1.2.3-pl (10.06.2016)

  • [SwiftMediaSource] Changed endpoint from "Common" to "common" due to Selectel update.
  • Updated rackspace/php-opencloud to version 1.16.0.

1.2.2-pl (23.05.2016)

  • Fixed getObjectUrl method.

1.2.1-pl (02.05.2016)

  • [#2] Improved compatibility with MODX media browser.

1.2.0-pl (02.03.2016)

  • Additional media source for Rackspace.

1.1.2-pl (24.01.2016)

  • Improved remove of directories.

1.1.1-pl (21.01.2016)

  • Fixed "strict standards" PHP warning.
  • Fixed possible containers duplication in a menus.

1.1.0-pl (15.01.2016)

  • Updated core to the latest Rackspace OpenCloud API.
  • Total refactor of component.

1.0.2-pl (7.12.2015)

  • Fixed folder and file icons for Revolution 2.3+
  • Improved method getObjectUrl.

1.0.1-pl (11.04.2015)

  • Some fixes in PHP Cloud Files API

1.0.0-pl (22.12.2012)

  • Use CF_Object in getObjectContents instead file_get_contents
  • Add support create and edit files
  • Fix upload files and create folders in root

1.0.0 beta 2 (14.10.2012)

  • Fix filepath in upload method

1.0.0 beta 1 (04.10.2012)

  • Initial release