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Version 2.0.0-pl
Release date 04.26.2017
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Warning! This component requires PHP version 5.4 or higher! If your site uses PHP less than required, the installation of this package could break it.
Warning! This package requires MODX not less than 2.4 !
SOLO is a responsive, flexible and beautiful theme. Perfect to showcase your work & services in a stylish, modern way.

Built specifically for MODX Revolution, it features powerfull back-end features like SEO fields, page options, image resizing and unlimited color options.

08-09-2015 solo-2.0.0-pl

  • Added support for dependencies for MODX 2.4.0 and up

30-05-2015 solo-1.1.2-pl

  • Update URL on nav click (thanks Mark Hamstra)
  • Set sitemap template to blank (thanks Mark Hamstra)
  • Fix basic page top margin (thanks Mark Hamstra)
  • Cleanup unused files in JS and SCSS
  • Updated csssweet, formit, migx, stercseo

24-04-2015 solo-1.1.1-pl

  • Removed bad solo.getSiteURL snippet (thanks Mark Ryder)

11-04-2015 solo-1.1.0-pl

  • Added optional reCAPTCHA from Google to contact form
  • Update FormIt to 2.2.4-pl
  • Improved image resizing by using Resizer with pThumb
  • Fixed popup on retina screens
  • Replace the RTE
  • Add back to top button (thanks Psb Magar)
  • Add references/quotes section (thanks Josef)
  • Add mobile nav (thanks Psb Magar)
  • Add video embed options (Thanks Psb Magar)
  • Add optional contact form spamcheck

03-04-2015 solo-1.0.2-pl

  • Fix for update script (thanks Bob Ray)

02-04-2015 solo-1.0.1-pl

  • Add section to menu option
  • Add lexicon load to header
  • Separate header and footer in chunks
  • Set 'Pre-process tags in Property Values' for CSSSweet plugin on install (thanks YJ)
  • Test and improve install/upgrade process
  • Change custom CSS chunk name and category
  • Add more section types
  • Add Google Analytics option
  • Update CSSSweet
  • Add stage background image option
  • Fix image size on WP10

30-03-2015 solo-1.0.0-pl

  • First version