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Version 1.2.14-pl
Release date 03.22.2019
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Warning! This component requires PHP version 5.6 or higher! If your site uses PHP less than required, the installation of this package could break it.
Warning! This package requires MODX not less than 2.3 !
Comparison of miniShop2 products.

English documentation is in progress.

1.2.14 pl

  • Change total count in list page

1.2.13 pl

  • Fixed added class in getComparison for new users

1.2.12 pl

  • Fix JS error while register addComparison

1.2.11 pl

  • Added msDiscount compatibility

1.2.10 pl

  • Fixed loading of js and css when only GetComparison is called.

1.2.9 pl

  • Fixed possible bug with "Cannot find the specified list of comparisons".
  • Improved reload of the page when comparison list is empty.

1.2.8 pl

  • Fixed passing the parameter &minItems into javascript.

1.2.7 pl

  • Improved compatibility with miniShop2.4

1.2.6 pl

  • Improved load of pdoTools.

1.2.5 pl

  • [CompareList] Fixed cache problems.

1.2.4 pl

  • Ability to remove last item from compare page.
  • Fixed bug with multiple MS2 products on page because of lack of grouping.

1.2.3 pl

  • Improved default javascript. Now you can use html tags in add\remove links.

1.2.2 pl

  • Improved installation script for MODX 2.4.

1.2.1 pl1

  • Updated version of pdoTools in the installer.

1.2.0 pl1

  • Added support of product options in miniShop2.2.

1.1.0 pl

  • Added contexts support.

1.0.0 pl1

  • Added snippet GetComparison.

1.0.0 rc

  • Improved generation of direct links to compare list.
  • Fixed using TVs in CompareList.
  • Fixed javascript events for elements, that were loaded through ajax.

1.0.0 beta1

  • Initial release.