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Version 1.11.0-beta
Release date 10.30.2023
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Warning! This component requires PHP version 5.6 or higher! If your site uses PHP less than required, the installation of this package could break it.
Warning! This package requires MODX not less than 2.3 !

SeoFilter generates relevant pages, automatically changes headers, texts, meta tags and creates permanent NC addresses. You set up advertising for the right pages, save your budget and increase search traffic.

Now your site as precisely as possible meets the needs of users!

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To whom is the component suitable?

  1. Online stores for the formation of dynamic (virtual) pages;
  2. Catalogs and message boards that use filters to search for and more convenience;
  3. Sites and blogs to attract more search traffic, increasing the relevance of the pages for low-frequency queries;
Also you can create a site structure using the multicategory capabilities. Now you do not need to create extra «physical» resources.

The main features of SeoFilter:

  • out-of-the-box work with mFilter2 (mSearch2) — replace URLs, meta tags, texts via AJAX;
  • addany number of fields for SEO rules;
  • the ability to form rules for only certain field values;
  • you can create unique pages, create texts even without minishop2 and mSearch2;
  • support for any fields: resource fields, product fields, miniShop2, TV and any of their own options added through spreadsheet expansion;
  • support for fields where only the id is stored to values from third-party tables;
  • work without double transliteration — allows us to avoid such problems: подъезд->podezd->подезд
  • any format of links for the field and value (/color-white, /white-color, /white, /belyi etc.);
  • the statistics of the transitions to the pages both by links and through the filter;
  • the ability to specify individual addresses, meta tags and texts for specific pages;
  • Available integration with frontendManager for quick editing;
  • SeoFilter can count the results, select the smallest and largest values of resources;
  • Prepare prepareSnippet for additional processing of meta tags for greater flexibility;
  • SEO templates with Fenom processing using pdoTools;
  • Tracking new field values and their declination through the service.

Read more in docs and discussion.

1.11.0-beta (29.10.2023)

  • component now is free and without protection
  • setting replace_host_server_key with default value "HTTP_HOST" when replace_host is enabled
  • fixed friendly urls pagination
  • fixed slider bug with float and different values delimiter
  • more strict search when searching SEO page (now without LIKE)

1.10.3-beta (29.05.2022)

  • fixed, when catalog in another context (do not forget change system setting "allow_forward_across_contexts")
  • fixed condition in recursive seo breadcrumbs
  • fixed symbol in values "&" in url hash (js)

1.10.2-beta (13.04.2021)

  • added a short variable $_r to the rules with resource data (for pro mode)
  • added msProductOption support to seofilter_select setting
  • fixed warning in the modx action log
  • more correct replacement for meta[name="keywords"], etc.

1.10.1-beta (27.10.2020)

  • improved sorting in sfMenu, added support of arrays, json, RAND() and more (the syntax like in pdoMenu)

1.10.0-beta (30.09.2020)

  • changed DB engine to InnoDB

1.9.6-beta (18.08.2020)

  • fixed selecting TV-fields with conditions by TV-fields
  • added invoke event OnHandleRequest before ajax requests processing
  • removed additional check for double including of js script

1.9.5-beta (17.08.2020)

  • added support TV fields to selection settings: seofilter_select, seofilter_choose in format ""

1.9.4-beta (05.08.2020)

  • fix error with placeholders page_number in seo templates

1.9.3-beta (05.07.2020)

  • fix frontend js
  • fix last modified

1.9.2-beta (09.06.2020)

  • fixed the error for collecting new values by templates

1.9.1-beta (05.06.2020)

  • fixed search by sliders

1.9.0-beta (31.05.2020)

  • improved work with contexts, now you can add condition to field for values collecting (e.g. ({"context_key":"web"}))
  • new parameter &context in snippets sfMenu and sfSitemap (by default it shows links from all contexts);
  • the parameter &context can recieve array or string with comma separated values;
  • new conditions in &where parameter of sfMenu snippet by site pages (&where=`{"modResource.template":1}`)
  • required minimum PHP version 5.5 (it will rise later)
  • added a new setting seofilter_ajax_recount for recounting results in ajax queries (by default no)

1.8.2-beta (30.04.2020)

  • pagination fix on SEO pages by sliders

1.8.1-beta (10.03.2020)

  • slider's fix in tagManager2

1.8.0-beta (08.03.2020)

  • fixed registration two scripts on page
  • added work with tagManager2 (Shopkeeper 3)
  • now using parameter in mSearch2 &filterOptions=`{"autoLoad":0}`
  • a little refactoring with some error fixes

1.7.2-beta (31.01.2020)

  • returned forgotten parameter "&urls" for the sfMenu (receives ids of SEO pages for creating where condition)
  • parameters "rules", "parents" and "urls" in the sfMenu now receive ids as string "1,-2,3" and as array [1,-2,3] (when Fenom)
  • fix for slider's work (when loading, sets the lower and upper boundaries taking into account other selected filters)

1.7.1-beta (29.01.2020)

  • PRO-mode: all fields from linked page passed like array $resource (and $original_page) to rules for using {$resource.pagetitle} instead of {$id|resource:'pagetitle'} in each field
  • new events for updating SEO link: sfOnBeforeUrlUpdate, sfOnUrlUpdate
  • new events for deleting SEO link: sfOnBeforeUrlRemove, sfOnUrlRemove
  • added view button when editing SEO links on a separate page
  • fix to work on PHP 5.4 (but recommended 5.6+)

1.7.0-beta (21.08.2019)

  • small features
  • fix error then slash in aliases
  • now sfLink give itself all rule Ids for recieven page Ids
  • add the new snippet sfNearLink for find nearest breadcrumb link on a product page (super beta)
  • add the new chunk tpl.SeoFilter.crumbs.product for paste to tplCurrent in pdoCrumbs snippet on a product page
  • now minimal PHP verison is 5.4 (was 5.3)

1.6.4-beta (17.03.2019)

  • Fixed sfMenu class
  • Removed warnings while component installing/deleting
  • MODX 3 support
  • Improved adding default.js to page

1.6.3-beta (11.03.2019)

  • Added support for single values for slider
  • Setting seofilter_page_key is now the default "page"
  • Added setting seofilter_page_tpl (template for fURL-pagination, for example "/[[+pageVarKey]]-[[+page]]")
  • Added support for Ajax fURL-pagination in mFilter2

1.6.2-beta (01.02.2019)

  • Added keys of settings to the tab Settings
  • Fixed work with rich editor CKEditor
  • Fixed group by rule in sfMenu in pro-mode
  • Fixed integration with FrontendManager

1.6.1-beta (22.01.2019)

  • Updating the name on the SEO pages, if it was empty (when adding a template for the name in the rule)
  • Automatic generation of a name template if it is empty (when adding fields to the rule)
  • Two new conditions LIKE, NOT LIKE when adding a field to the rule
  • Hidden ability to change the url mask in the rules (without validation checks)

1.6.0-beta (14.01.2019)

  • Added more popup descriptions for the fields, renamed some items
  • Seriously redone js-file for the frontend (old with a postscript -old)
  • Possibility to upload content and url to an SEO page from any filter
  • Added events for plugins when adding words, links and returning SEO data
  • Ability to connect the visual editor or Ace for any fields in the rule / page
  • New Settings tab for maximum convenience
  • Tabs and grids in the admin panel now remember the state
  • Sort by active objects is now in the Actions column
  • Step-by-step conversion and removal of empty pages in SEO pages
  • The condition for limiting the collection of field values ​​has become much more serious.
  • Nested breadcrumbs with autosearch (chunk tpl.SeoFilter.crumbs.nested)
  • Support requests with percentages, pluses and ampersands
  • Ability to change the class path for snippets
  • There are examples of filled fields when adding
  • Improved calculations, bug fixes

1.5.4-beta (16.07.2018)

  • Setting "seofilter_url_scheme" by default "full";
  • The new sfLink snippet parameter is "link_classes". Classes for link;
  • Words can now be disabled and they will not participate in the formation of links. Links with them are deleted. Re-enabling will create new links;
  • Added accounting of the "seofilter_admin_version" setting, which is responsible for the versioning of scripts in the admin panel. If versioning is not needed - add the setting to manual with a value of 0;
  • Fixed the formation of links, addresses when links in one level and are tied to the main page;
  • Fixed counting for the sliders fields, if they are based on TV fields;
  • Some improvements and renaming in the admin panel.

1.5.3-beta (19.06.2018)

  • Little fixes for counting through extend class
  • Now inactive fields just for don't collect values

1.5.2-beta (01.06.2018)

  • Fixed page list processor
  • Fixed the installation of pdoTools

1.5.1-beta (24.05.2018)

  • Fixed snippet sfLink to work with Pro-mode
  • The editedon field is corrected in the mysql-scheme

1.5.0-beta (21.05.2018)

  • Added PRO-mode, which allows you to bind to the rule several pages
  • Integration with the Tagger component, including calculations
  • Added the ability to receive SEO-links without nesting through the slash (setting seofilter_level_separator)
  • Added the ability to generate a SEO link in 1 level from the site root (setting seofilter_between_urls)
  • Added a seoPage class to override the pdoPage class to get more accurate links in the pagination
  • Small conveniences with calculations:
  • URL's results counter is updated if the value is different
  • New setting for where conditions into new rules
  • Added file for recounting links results via cron
  • New default fields in strict search, so the counts are much more accurate
  • Added item to recalculate link results by word and rule in the table using the right mouse button
  • Optimization and correction of all previous errors

1.4.8-beta (16.04.2018)

  • Snippet sfLink now accepts the parameters "pages", "where", "as_name" for easy reference search
  • Corrected work with grouping in sfMenu, supports sorting of rules, with empty sortby sorting according to the passed rules
  • Snippet sfWord returns the whole array with all cases for Fenom (you can use to declare any words)
  • The resource id variable {$id} has been added to the link generation template for using fields
  • Added setting seofilter_replace_host (for those sites where one page is available on several domains)
  • Cleaned the component of unnecessary entries in the log and fixed minor errors, optimized for PHP 7.2

1.4.7-beta (02.04.2018)

  • Fixed the mechanism for finding pages in the plugin for sites with duplicates of aliases
  • Fixed work with parents in sfMenu, now strictly the "page:IN" (without OR)

1.4.6-beta (20.03.2018)

  • Fixed a bug in the plugin with counting turned off

1.4.5-beta (19.03.2018)

  • Added forgotten where for sfMenu
  • Added support for PHP 5.3

1.4.4-beta (16.03.2018)

  • Improved stability
  • More "related" functions
  • Many bugs fixed
  • Field dependence is added
  • Fixed counting
  • For counting, a new class has been added, which can be expanded
  • Integration of tvSuperSelect - specify a component in the Field
  • Frozen page addresses are processed
  • Fixed link formation
  • Different suffixes are taken into account by the container
  • Re-generation of reference names when changing a word
  • Interim calculations to speed up the menu
  • Recalculation of results for changes or for a button
  • Improved rule copying
  • Adding a rule in one approach
  • Ajax bread crumbs
  • Added keywords field to rules and links
  • Passing the LastModified parameter
  • Support for browser history on the buttons back, forward
  • Versioning of js, css files
  • Updates in declensions. Now only a token is needed.
  • Integration with msVendorCollections
  • Added hidden features
  • Minor improvements in performance

1.3.1-beta (02.10.2017)

  • Minor corrections on TV-fields
  • Removed forgotten from the menu output to the log
  • Changed the path search in action.php


  • Added sfMenu snippet to form menu with resource counting
  • Added snippet sfSitemap for sitemap generation
  • Completely rewriting snippet sfLink - much faster and more convenient
  • Corrected the work of the plug-in with nesting of pages
  • Added a new class to work with the menu


  • Added support for JSON fields, including tvSuperSelect
  • Priority changed for onDocFormSave event to support TVSS
  • Added work with any container suffixes (/,.html, etc)
  • Added a setting for adding your suffix to the generated pages
  • Added redirect to the correct suffix
  • Added a setting with the name of the pagination option, to send the page number to the SEO-texts


  • Added support for values from other tables for TV fields


  • Added work for the work of fields-sliders (inexpensive goods, etc.)
  • Fixed some bugs in js and in the class
  • Automatic generation of names for new links when adding new words
  • Lexicon component translated into English
  • Removed from the class by default, so that there is no substitution on empty js fields


  • Added copying rules
  • Templates for the name of the link and tick to regenerate
  • Changed the mechanism for calculating descendants and samples
  • Adding rules with the inclusion of fields-sliders (price, etc.)
  • Two new settings for the name of the link


  • Fixed working with TV-fields


  • Neighboring tabs are now automatically updated
  • Small fixes


  • Fixed Lexicons
  • Fixed js-file for processing headers
  • Removed unnecessary comments
  • Small bugs and bugs fixed


  • Added conditions for the fields in the rule to create certain pages
  • Added a field editedon for the rule and a combobox with a page selection
  • Corrected the counting of min / max samples by TV values
  • Powerful code upgrade in the rule search logic, priorities for rules
  • Added snfpet sfLink for creating links by several rules


  • New comboboxes in the dictionary, by field and value for faster searching for the right addresses


  • Added a column with editing date for the dictionary


  • Returned the addition of a word to the dictionary, so it's more convenient
  • I made a normal 404 page for non-existent pages (from the admin you can check the page by get-parameters)


  • Output for editing in the URL windows items related to the display of the menu


  • Added a control for editing unique meta tags from the frontend for each page
  • Added a new class for linking URLs with fields and words
  • Now after editing the field, words are updated with all related data


  • Added the function of selecting the minimum and maximum values.
  • Added prepareSnippet for substitution of processed values ​​in meta tags


  • Error correction
  • Added the count function. Activate in settings. Count in the placeholder


  • The component's logic is rewritten


  • Added work with all fields


  • First Release