SnowStorm - convenient snowfall for the site
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Usually answers more than a week
Version 1.2.4-beta
Release date 12.13.2018
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SnowStorm — convenient and adjustable snow for your site. Just install the add-on and the site will snow.

Snowfall can be controlled in system settings.

(!) New: Now you can specify the period of the annual occurrence of snow on the site at the same time.

An add-on in their work uses JavaScript Snowstorm (

Demonstration add-ons and description of settings can be found here:


You can use the Snowstorm JavaScript methods to control the snow in your scripts.
  • snowStorm.randomizeWind() — Sets the wind speed with a random value in terms of the properties of vMaxX and vMaxY
  • snowStorm.freeze() — Freezes snow on the page
  • snowStorm.resume() — Defrosts the snow from the «frozen» state.
  • snowStorm.toggleSnow() — Enables or disables the snowfall effect depending on the state, similar to calling freeze() or resume().
  • snowStorm.stop() — Freezes and kills the blizzard effect and removes the associated event handlers. Snowstorm will not work properly if other calls are called after stop().

Example usage:


SnowStorm 1.2.4

  • Fix plugin and TV conflict via Fenom

SnowStorm 1.2.3

  • Bug fixes

SnowStorm 1.2.2

  • Fixed bug of period calculation

SnowStorm 1.2.1

  • Fixing plugin

SnowStorm 1.2

  • Adding a new parameter: snowstorm_period

SnowStorm 1.1-beta

  • Rename package to SnowStorm
  • Removing the log in the plugin
  • translation correction

modSnow 1.0.0-beta

  • First release