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Version 1.0.1-beta1
Release date 09.10.2016
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Warning! This package requires MODX not less than 2.3 !

It can look like, for example, as follows:

Read the topic: 15 guests, 2 users (user1, user5).

Snippet works on the basis of the table of views from Tickets.
For the script need:
  1. pdoTools installed,
  2. Fenom is enabled in the settings pdoTools,
  3. Tickets installed,
  4. allowed in the Tickets settings counting views by guests.

These add-ons are free and based on them works snippet ViewsOnline.

The parameters of a snippet
  • tpl — chunk for output of information, actively used the possibility Fenom. Chunk's placeholders: total, guests, users и userlist,
  • tplUserlist — chunk to display the list of users, takes 2 placeholders: separator и user,
  • tplUserlistOuter — the chunk to wrap the list of users, accepts a placeholder: wrapper,
  • separator — the separator for the list of users. By default: ', ',
  • pid — id of the page to display statistics. Default is current.
  • parents — the comma-separated section id to count the values of all pages, disables the option pid,
  • min — the number of minutes during which the user is considered to be on the site. By default: 15.

Now call the snippet uncached on the desired page:

Example of calling statistics for some other page:
{'!ViewsOnline'|snippet: [
    'pid' => 1,

The discussion component in the community MODX.PRO.


  • Добавлен параметр parents


  • Сниппет переименован в ViewsOnline
  • Оптимизирован код
  • Изменены названия параметров
  • Добавлен параметр tplUserlistOuter
  • Созданы чанки для tpl-ок
  • Автоопределение префикса таблицы