Accelerate the development of your own packages for MODX using a graphical interface.
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Release date 04.23.2023
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Warning! This package requires MODX not less than 2.3 !
CMPGenerator Pro – for MODX users who wants accelerate the development of your own packages for MODX using a graphical interface.
What can CMPGenerator Pro do:

  1. Create a basic file structure of the package, and if desired a base class + classes for validation and work with POST data;

  2. Automatically add information about your package to extension_package and namespaces MODX —and that saves you during the development phase from the error message of Could not load class type: when you try to work with your tables;
  3. Create schematic xpdo-files and xpdo-classes for your database tables, and also specify dependencies between them (Composite Aggregate);
  4. Expand the base MODX classes;
  5. Create in 2 clicks your type of MODX documents by expanding the modResource class (automatically creating the corresponding controllers, processors and js files);
  6. Create for the user tables mgr and web controllers with processors (for mgr js files will be created functional for working with table fields with linking to their type);
  7. Set the php type for the table fields, which affects what Ext js component will be used to work with this field, and how MODX will process its data;
  8. Add to MODX manager menu an option for your mgr controller;
  9. Collect the transport package with automatic inclusion into it:
    • tables;
    • chunks, snippets and plug-ins (in order for the plug-in events to be added to the transport package, the plug-in must be created in the admin panel with subscription to the necessary events) from the corresponding folders in the elements;
    • options;
    • menu items.

Important! The name of the package base class should not coincide with any name of database tables for this package.

Discuss it in MODX.PRO community.

CMPGenerator Pro 2.0.0

  • Changed: File structure and file templates.
  • Fixed: Read schema.xml in MODX Revolution 2.8.1-pl Important! packages created in version 1.0. * are not supported.

CMPGenerator Pro 1.0.3

  • Added: Encrypt packages for