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Version 2.0.5-pl
Release date 11.21.2022
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Warning! This component requires PHP version 5.6 or higher! If your site uses PHP less than required, the installation of this package could break it.
Warning! This package requires MODX not less than 2.3 !
The following videohosters are supported:

Thread in MODX.PRO community.

ResVideoGallery 2.0.3

  • Fixed: Warning file_get_contents failed to open stream: HTTP request failed!

ResVideoGallery 2.0.2

  • Added: Integration with PhotoMechanicsGallery

ResVideoGallery 2.0.1

ResVideoGallery 2.0.0

Attention!! Updating to this version may lead to incorrect operation of the snippets. Before updating do not forget to backup the site!

  • Added: Support for the template engine "Fenom"
  • Added: Support for photo gallery "MS2 Images"
  • Added: Events: rvgOnGetVideoEmbed; rvgOnBeforeVideoUpdate; rvgOnAfterVideoUpdate; rvgOnBeforeThumbUpdate; rvgOnAfterThumbUpdate; rvgOnBeforeVideoAdd; rvgOnAfterVideoAdd; rvgOnBeforeVideoRemove; rvgOnAfterVideoRemove.

  • Added: New snippet: ResVideoGalleryUpload
  • Added: New Chunk: resVideoGalleryUploadTpl
  • Updated: JQuery plugin lightcase.js (version 2.5.0)

  • Changed: Parameters for snippets: ResVideoGallery; ResVideoGalleryTags.
  • Changed: Chunks: resVideoGalleryTpl; resVideoGalleryRowTpl; resVideoGalleryEmbedTpl; resVideoGalleryTagsTpl.

  • Removed: Snippet: ResVideoGalleryForm
  • Removed: Chunks: resVideoGalleryFormTpl; resVideoGalleryTagTpl.

ResVideoGallery 1.0.10

  • Fixed: Remove old video cover
  • Fixed: Pasted link to video from the clipboard