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Version 1.0.8-beta
Release date 07.18.2022
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Warning! This component requires PHP version 5.6 or higher! If your site uses PHP less than required, the installation of this package could break it.
Warning! This package requires MODX not less than 2.5 !

Language versions / satellites without contexts, with automatic translation of all fields of the resource + seo, and even the translation of lexicons — that I put in the name localizator .

Why did I do this: I was not approached by a babel, I kept one project for migx «localization» for a long time, but too it is not convenient, collected all the minuses that managed to reveal and solved them in its component.

1. Creating pseudo-contexts «localization» (you can work together through and

2. The resource has a tab, where all standard fields of the resource + seo are filled, then at the push of a button this all can be translated into other languages.

3. For ease of use of lexicons, there are separate tabs on the component page where only the lexicon of the component is visible. There is also a choice of language. There is also automation of translation, one button click.

Localization of pdoTools
Example of pdoMenu (similarly for other snippets):
{'!Localizator' | snippet : [
        'snippet' => 'pdoMenu',
        'parents' => 0,
        'includeTVs'     => 'img',
        'processTVs' => 'img',
        'parents' => 0,
        'level' => 1,
Totally, all the resource fields are replaced with the translated ones.
For TV to be replaced, you need to change the pdoFetch.class setting to pdotools.pdofetchlocalizator

How to use
All fields of the resource are replaced by localized, except content, it is output through {$_modx->resource.localizator_content}.

To automate the translation, you need api key for the Yandex translator, you can get it here: and specify in the localizator_key_yandex setting, also what would the translator understand from which language to translate you need to specify the localization key in localizator_default_language

The component is completely free, did for my project, I think many will make life easier.
You can send your thanks here: 410015133943061


  • Fixed TV checkbox (9-issue)
  • Fixed content field (4-issue)
  • Added modifier "locfield"
  • Removed setting localizator_tv_fields
  • Added checkbox "TV is available in localizations" in TV settings
  • Fixed mse2LocalizatorFilter


  • Fixed TV tabs
  • Added events


  • Fixed processTVs
  • Added policy template for editing localizations
  • Added german lexicon (by Ibochkarev).
  • Added franch lexicon (by Ibochkarev).


  • Fixed error modWebLink resources
  • Fixed error tinymce_rte


  • Fixed snippet Localizator
  • Fixed plugin Localizator
  • Fixed localizator.class.php
  • Added mse2_filters_handler_class
  • Added localization fields indexing in mSearch2 (by pavelgvozdb -


  • Fixed snippet Localizator


  • Added translate for migxtv fields (by nizart91)
  • Fixed localizatorcontent.class.php
  • Fixed snippet Localizator


  • Added localization for tv fields (by nizart91)


  • First release