Version 1.2.2-pl
Release date 12.13.2015
Downloads 8 099
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HTML filter and typograf, used in Tickets to sanitize user-generated content and strip any not allowed tags.

1.2.2 pl

  • Added new parameter escapeTags, disabled by default.

1.2.1 pl

  • Improved default cfgSetAutoPregReplace for support of YouTube https.

1.2.0 pl2

  • Fixed the punctuation at the end of the link.
  • Fixed nested tags in a preformatted blocks.
  • Support for MODX tags in a preformatted blocks.
  • Improved checking of urls.
  • Main class refactor.


  • Fixed errors handling


  • Updated Jevix class from LiveStreet CMS
  • New parameter cfgSetTagBlockType for tags which do not need to insert after.
  • New parameter cfgSetAutoPregReplace for auto replace with support of regular expressions.
  • Tuned default properties, enabled tables.
  • Links are now supports modx tags, e.g. [[~1]], [[+link]]


  • Initial release.