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Version 1.14.11-pl
Release date 05.02.2023
Downloads 18 735
Views 6 334
Warning! This component requires PHP version 5.3 or higher! If your site uses PHP less than required, the installation of this package could break it.
Warning! This package requires MODX not less than 2.3 !
Morphological search and ajax filter. The #1 most popular paid package of
Works on to search and filter packages.

  • Unlimited number of dictionaries is supported, Russian and English by default.
  • Basic word forms (search index) are kept separately, considering their amount and weight in a document.
  • You can index Tickets comments.
  • Any CRC fields are indexed, as well as regular ones — uncluding miniShop2 product features.
  • High speed while outputting due to pdoTools.
  • Own section in manager for indexing and intranet search.
  • Improved search algoritm and result highlight.
  • Word weight is adjusted in every resource field individually.
  • Bonus is adjusted for precise query finding in a document.
  • Bonus is set for finding all the query words in a document.

While installing for the first time, phpMorphy dictionaries are downloaded since the are required for word-forms generation. You should index your website in administration in order to start.


  • Fix error Undefined array key "common_source"


  • [mSearch2] Fix adding active class to all page links on beforeLoad


  • [mSearch2] Add method invokeEvent


  • [mSearch2] Fix tv_ prefix in index create processor


  • [mSearch2] Add event mse2OnGetWorkFields


  • [mSearchForm] Add property registerJS


  • [mFilter2] Add caching config and savedProperties


  • [mFilter2] Fixed selector escaping in default.js


  • [mSearch2] Fixed getTvValues if default_text is set.


  • [mSearch2] Added escaping of words when indexing.


  • [mFilter2] Decimal sliders are reacting to other filters the same way as number sliders.


  • [mFilter2] Added caching of filter suggestions.


  • [mFilter2] Improved work of "decimal" filter.


  • [mFilter2] Improved "tpl.mFilter2.filter.option" to prevent empty brackets after page reload.
  • [mFilter2] Improved reset button behavior. Now it skip "limit", "sort" and "tpl" params.
  • [mFilter2] "noPreciseMSFilters" enabled automatically if there are no active MS2 plugins for price or weight.


  • Fixed sort placeholder in outer chunk.


  • Updated chunks for Bootstrap 4.


  • [mFilter2] MS2 filters now respects system plugins to change price and weight of products. Can be disabled by "noPreciseMSFilters".
  • [mFilter2] Better support of pdoPage's "pageLinkScheme" parameter.
  • Respect "scriptProperties" when calling pdoFetch in the action.php. Now you can specify "elementsPath" for mSearchForm, for example.


  • [mFilter2] Another slider improvements.


  • Fixed bug with reset second input in numbers slider.
  • Fixed saving values and position of numbers slider on page load.
  • Fixed reset of mFilter2 service parameters: "tpl", "limit" and "sort".


  • Returned back fix from version 1.11.5


  • Improved support of MODX 2.7.
  • Removed unnecessary files.
  • Minimum version is MODX 2.3.


  • Fixed work of SimpleSearch algorithm when there are no bulk words found.


  • Ability to use &onlyIndex with default search algorithm.


  • Fixed processing of additional parameters in ajax search.


  • Improved queries filtering.


  • Update schema to work with utf8mb4.


  • [mFilter2] Added ability to filter by search string with ajax.
  • [mSearchForm] Fixed error with javascript, when snippet called on page with disabled autocomplete.


  • [mFilter2] Ability to limit search results with &parents.


  • [mFilter2] Fixed the status of the slider after loading the page by a direct link


  • Little fixes.


  • [mFilter2] Fixed loading of the custom filtering class if the core path is outside the base path.


  • [mFilter2] Improved work with cyrillic symbols.
  • [mFilter2] Fixed not needed XHR request on use of back button in Safari.


  • [mFilter2] Fixed possible javascript bug when there is "+" sign in the name of filter.
  • [mSearch2] Prevent duplicates in index.


  • [mFilter2] Improved time of building filters from search results.
  • [mFilter2] Improved work with raw number fields at frontend.


  • [mFilter2] Improved work of HistoriAPI in Safari.


  • Slider now can change values according to fetched items until user change it.
  • Fixed cache issues of Slider in Chrome when user loaded page with back button.


  • Fixed work of javascript sliders after open filters by saved url.
  • Improved search string sanitization.


  • Some fixes in default javascript.
  • Natural sort in filters by default.
  • Added German lexicon (thanks to Fabian Christen)


  • [mSearch2] Fixed the indexing of arrays values, like "color" in msProduct.


  • [mFilter2] Fixed bug with an empty TV name for zero values.
  • [mSearch2] Improved logic of a search aliases.
  • [mSearch2] Fixed work of &showSearchLog parameter.


  • Added rawurldecode to decode search query on some servers.


  • Fixed possible bug with unselected numeric checkbox filters on page reload.


  • Possible XSS fixes.


  • Added support of a numeric fields without a sliders.


  • Ability to use {core_path} placeholder in &customPath option.
  • Fixed bug with case-sensitive ms2 products options.
  • Removed third parameter from mSearch2 class constructor.
  • Fixed bug with short search queries in manager.
  • Fixed a little javascript bug with slider.
  • Added automatic support of decimals in slider.
  • Updated jQueryUI to version 1.12.1.


  • [mSearch2] Improved compatibility with MySQL 5.7.


  • [mFilter2] Added encoding of url to support special symbols like percentage.


  • Some security fixes.


  • [mFilter2] Fixed processing of the link with multiple sort options.
  • [mFilter2] Updated jQuery UI to version 1.12.1.


  • [mFilter2] Fixed double submit of the form.


  • [mFilter2] Fixed the reset of inactive option in the select.
  • [mFilter2] Fixed default option chunk.


  • [mFilter2] Improved handling of radio inputs in the default javascript.


  • [mFilter2] Improved behavior of "reset" button.
  • [mFilter2] Fixed history navigation when you returning back to the first page.


  • Another improvements of compatibility with PHP 7.


  • Ability to override javascript autoLoad property.


  • Fixed work of the &showEmptyFilters parameter with "categories", "parents" and "grandparents" filters.


  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.


  • [mFilter2] Improved support of ms2 product options.
  • [mFilter2] All filter methods are receives the name of field to work.


  • [mFilter2] Added parameter "cacheTime".
  • [mFilter2] Cache disabled by default.
  • [mFilter2] The support of dots in the names of filters.

1.5.15 pl

  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.1.
  • Fixed passing of Fenom tags into intro text of resources.

1.5.14 pl

  • Fixed error in default javascript under IE9.

1.5.13 pl

  • Fixed model for MySQL 5.7.

1.5.12 pl

  • [mFilter2] Categories filters are now uses menutitle if not empty.

1.5.11 pl

  • [mFilter2] Fixed some bugs with url params with ajaxMode == button or scroll.
  • [mFilter2] Improved support of multibyte characters.

1.5.10 pl

  • Fixed issues with pdoTools 2.3.4.
  • [mSearch2] Added parameter &toSeparatePlaceholders.

1.5.9 pl

  • Improved load of pdoTools.
  • [mFilter2] Trim TVs values.

1.5.8 pl

  • [mFilter2] Fixed small bug with disabling filters when there are no results.

1.5.7 pl

  • [mSearch2] Fixed work of &toPlaceholder with &returnIds.

1.5.6 pl

  • [mFilter2] Fixed insert of suggestions in "option" tag with brackets in text.
  • [mFilter2] Improved filter "boolean".

1.5.5 pl1

  • Fixed static plugin

1.5.5 pl

  • [mFilter2] Fixed wrong form submission when mSearch2.autoLoad is false.

1.5.4 pl

  • [mFilter2] Added parameter &ajaxMode: default, scroll or button.
  • [mFilter2] Added support of pdoTitle with enabled &registerJs.

1.5.3 pl

  • [mFilter2] Fixed rare bug with empty results when there is no filters and &toSeparatePlaceholders enabled.

1.5.2 pl

  • [mSearch2] Added system events mse2OnBeforeSearchIndex and mse2OnSearchIndex.

1.5.1 pl

  • [mSearch2] Fixed work of search aliases.

1.5.0 pl

  • [mSearch2] New search algorithm.

1.4.3 pl

  • [mSearch2] A small adjustment of default search settings.
  • [mSearch2] New snippet parameter &onlyAllWords.

1.4.2 pl

  • [mFilter2] Fixed bug with filter on not first page.

1.4.1 pl

  • [mFilter2] Fixed boolean filter.
  • [mFilter2] Fixed bug with clear button right after page load.
  • [mFilter2] Support of disabled friendly urls.
  • [mFilter2] Improved "You have selected" element.
  • [mFilter2] New parameter &filterOptions for overwrite javascript config.
  • [mFilter2] Added support for default values of TVs.
  • [mSearch2] Index processor can parse JSON in TVs.

1.4.0 pl

  • [#32] [mFilter2] Support of History Api.
  • [#31] [mFilter2] Added clear button.
  • Ability to send requests to another page without ajax.

1.3.9 pl

  • Ability to use several pagination elements.

1.3.8 pl

  • Base support of miniShop2.3 without SKU.

1.3.7 pl

  • Fixed some warnings in system log.
  • [#39] Added option &showSearchLog for enabled &showLog.
  • [#38] Fixed placeholder "weight" of snippet mSearch2 when it used inside mFilter2.

1.3.6 pl

  • [mFilter2] Fixed bug with wrong suggestions on page reload.

1.3.5 pl

  • [mFilter2] Fixed handling of quotes in filters.

1.3.4 pl

  • [mFilter2] Improved boolean filter.

1.3.3 pl1

  • Updated version of pdoTools in the installer.

1.3.2 pl1

  • [mSearch2] Added new system option "mse2_index_all".
  • [mSearch2] Added new system option "mse2_index_split_words".

1.3.1 pl

  • [mFilter2] Fixed "filter_key" placeholder in outer chunks.

1.3.0 pl

  • [mFilter2] Added filters "month" and "day".
  • [mFilter2] Ability to use one field multiple times in filters.
  • [mFilter2] Improved suggestions for more optimal processing.
  • [mFilter2] Ability to set aliases for filters.
  • [mFilter2] Aliases used for templates names.
  • [mFilter2] Fixed suggestions for dates filters.
  • [mFilter2] Fixed &showEmptyFilters in dates filters.

1.2.7 pl

  • [mFilter2] Fixed search with &parents parameter.

1.2.6 pl

  • [mSearch2] Improved simple search for additional bonuses.

1.2.5 pl

  • [#34] [mSearchForm] Fixed &autocomplete=`0`.

1.2.4 pl1

  • [mFilter2] Fixed adding new filters from build methods.
  • [mFilter2] Fixed possible E_NOTICE.

1.2.3 pl2

  • [#33] [mFilter2] Fixed build of TVs filters.
  • [mFilter2] Fixed limit on search.
  • [mFilter2] Fixed displaying of empty filters on page.

1.2.2 pl

  • [mFilter2] Fixed display order of specified &filters.
  • [Main] Removed register of jQuery on frontend.

1.2.1 pl

  • [mFilter2] Added support of "autotag" TVs.

1.2.0 pl

  • [mFilter2] Added triggering of jQuery event "mse2_load".
  • [mFilter2] Added support of pdoTools 1.10.
  • [mFilter2] Added filter "decimal".
  • [mFilter2] Fixed default javascript for decimal values in slider.
  • [mFilter2] Fixed search in filter.

1.2.0 rc1

  • [mFilter2] Ability to add new filters from build methods.
  • [mFilter2] Support of special options of miniShop2 products in "key==value" format.

1.1.5 pl1

  • [#11] Added support of msVendor.
  • Improved processing of tags in quick search.

1.1.4 pl1

  • Fixed pagination links in ajax requests.

1.1.3 pl

  • Improved indexing manager page.

1.1.2 pl

  • [mSearch2] Fixed parameter &toPlaceholder.

1.1.1 pl

  • Changed sort of parents filters to menuindex.
  • Fixed autocomplete when unpublished resources are found.
  • Fixed retrieving of resource fields.

1.1.0 pl

  • Improved search index and algorithm.
  • Ability to specify indexed fields for search by parameter &fields=``.
  • Ability to disable additional results by LIKE search by parameter &onlyIndex=``.
  • Fixed loading Font Awesome.
  • Added support of AjaxManager.
  • [#30] [mSearch2] Added "not found" message when results are limited by snippet parameters.
  • [#29] Returned lost button "Remove all queries".
  • [#27] Added ability to specify properties set in element and paginator name.
  • [#25] Added select filters.
  • [#24] [mFilter2] Added filtering of negative numbers in slider.
  • [#23] Added placeholder "results" to &toSeparatePlaceholders=`1` mode.
  • Fixed ajax filtering with &toSeparatePlaceholders=`1`.
  • Improved snippet mSearch2 when &returnIds=`1`.

1.0.4 pl

  • Improved UI for MODX 2.3.
  • Added Font Awesome icons.
  • Added ability to install new dictionary by double click on grid row.
  • Improved chunks.

1.0.3 pl

  • [#21] Added support filtering by date for TV of type date.
  • [#20] All templates of filters are converted to lowercase.

1.0.2 pl

  • [#14] Changed build filters methods.
  • Fixed E_NOTICE in mFilter2.

1.0.1 pl

  • [#14] Added passing of the filter name in the method of build.
  • Improved support of TVs with type "listbox" and "tag".
  • Do not call highlight method on search results if query is empty.

1.0.0 pl1

  • [#10] [mFilter2] Fixed bug with sort in Safari and Firefox.
  • [#9] [mFilter2] Added set of placeholder "mse2_filters_count".
  • Improved load if pdoFetch class.
  • Fixed possible incorrect characters in the English dictionary.
  • Added manager page with dictionaries.
  • Added new snippet "mSearchForm" with autocomplete.
  • Improved registering of frontend scripts.
  • Fixed replacement of aliases in the search query.
  • Improved javascript slider
  • Fixed overwriting parameters &sortby and &sortdir. Parameter &sort has priority.

1.0.0 beta2

  • Fixed [[+total]] placeholder for new pdoPage versions.
  • More convenient suggestions.
  • Added filter "grandparents".
  • Added ability to update chunks on package upgrade.
  • Added manager page with words aliases.
  • Added manager page with search queries.
  • Improved mSearch2::Search() for aliases support.
  • Improved mSearch2::Highlight() for more exact cutting of text.
  • Enabling of parameter "showLog" of snippets displays also log of search.
  • Added system parameter "like_match_bonus".
  • Fixed possible warnings when word from dictionary has incorrect symbols.

0.9.1 pl2

  • Improved verification of search query.
  • [mSearch2] Parameter "forceSearch" enabled by default.

0.9.0 pl

  • [mFilter2] Changed default &paginator=`` to "pdoPage".
  • [mFilter2] Improved filtration of conditions for retrieve resources. Now it handle end snippet with parameter &returnIds=`1`.
  • [mSearch2] Optimized for last version of pdoTools.
  • [mSearch2] Added parameter "forceSearch" to specify whether or not to show list of resources without search query.
  • Improved javascript. Hide of block "limit" when no results.
  • Improved speed of mseFiltersHandler2::filterDate().
  • Default chunks support Bootstrap3.
  • Fixed context switch in action.php

0.8.4 pl

  • Added filter by year of document. For example: "publishedon:year".
  • Improved search algorithm, when there is only one word in query.
  • Improved buildParentsFilter(). Now it works for parents from different contexts.
  • Added support of placeholders [^q^] and [^qt^].

0.8.3 pl2

  • Improved check of "limit" parameter.

0.8.3 pl2

  • Returned missed function "implode_r" into index processor.

0.8.3 pl1

  • [mSearch2] Improved search algorithm.
  • [mFilter2] Fixed processing parameters of snippet.

0.8.2 pl1

  • [mFilter2] If no results, message about it will be returned in "&tplOuter=``".

0.8.2 pl

  • [mFilter2] Fixed work with MS2 multicategories.
  • [mFilter2] Improved working with search results.
  • [mSearch2] Improved search algorithm.

0.8.1 pl1

  • [mFilter2] Improved work with modified &queryVar=`` and &parentsVar=``.
  • [mFilter2] Improved return of error messages, when nothing found.
  • [mFilter2] Improved work with limit, when page loaded by direct link.
  • [mFilter2] Improved sort links.
  • [mFilter2] Array with config for frontend is now available as placeholders with prefix "mse2_". E.g. [[+mse2_start_sort]], [[+mse2_tpls]] etc.

0.8.0 pl

  • [#7] You can prefix ids in "&resources=``" and "&parents=``" with dash for excluding from query.
  • [#5] Added parameter "&toSeparatePlaceholders=``" to snippet mFilter2. Parameter "&toPlaceholder" renamed to "&toPlaceholders".
  • Fixed issues when parents not in current contexts.
  • Added parameter "&hideContainers=``" to both snippets.
  • Added parameters "&tplWrapper=``" and "&wrapIfEmpty=``" to snippet mSearch2.
  • Accelerated method mse2FiltersHandler::filterNumber().
  • Fixed bug in filters, when TVs has capital letters in the name.
  • [mFilter2] Added default implementation of "limit" parameter.
  • [mFilter2] Added default implementation of range slider.
  • [mFilter2] Added default implementation of list of selected inputs.
  • Method "mSearch2.load()" in default javascript can receive filter parameters and callback function.

0.7.0 pl

  • Added support for list-style TVs.
  • Fixed issues with pdoTools installation.

0.6.2 pl2

  • [mFilter2] New parameter "tpls" for change tpl of rows in request.
  • [mFilter2] Fixed warning in log when no MS2 installed.
  • [mFilter2] Fixed cache problem when retrieving products in multicategories, again.

0.6.1 pl

  • [mFilter2] Added support of old browsers without history api. They will use hash in url.

0.6.1 rc1

  • Added method mse2FiltersHandler::buildCategoriesFilter().
  • Added method mse2FiltersHandler::buildFullnameFilter().
  • Added ability to work with mSearch1 for smooth upgrade.
  • Fixed bug with installation when "archive_with" setting is enabled.
  • Improved work with MS2 multi categories.
  • Fixed sort of filter values in ascending order.

0.6.0 beta

  • System setting "mse2_index_min_words_length" is set to 4 by default, for exclude prepositions.
  • Numbers with length >= 2 are always in search, no matter what set in "mse2_index_min_words_length".
  • Now mSearch2::getSuggestions() can be overloaded in class mse2FiltersHandler.
  • [mFilter2] Added support for MS2 multi categories.
  • [mFilter2] Added support for specify limit.
  • [mFilter2] Added parameter "toPlaceholder".
  • [mFilter2] Parameter "disableSuggestions" is now boolean "suggestions".
  • [mFilter2] Added parameter "suggestionsMaxResults" for disable suggestions when too many results.
  • [mFilter2] Added parameter "suggestionsMaxFilters" for disable suggestions when too many filters.
  • [mFilter2] Added parameter "suggestionsRadio" for radio filters.
  • [mFilter2] Added chunk "".
  • [mFilter2] Added parameters: "filter_delimeter", "method_delimeter" and "values_delimeter".
  • [mFilter2] Added saving of weight of found resources, if used snippet mSearch2 for display items.
  • [mSearch2] Parameter "resources" now can take a JSON string with id as a key, and weight as a value.
  • [mSearch2] Added total number of filter operations in log.
  • Speed improvements.

0.5.1 pl2

  • Fixed work with "&includeTVs" when snippet mFilter2 calls snippet mSearch2.
  • Added verification for non existing filter methods.
  • Filter speed improvements.

0.5.1 pl1

  • Added excluding not searchable resources from index.
  • Small improvements of default javascript.

0.5.1 beta2

  • Added msFiltersHandler::getMsOptionValues() method. You can use &filters=`msoption|size,msoption|color` now.
  • Added update of main filter log on ajax requests, if enabled.
  • Added parameter "disableSuggestions" for very fast filtration. if enabled, you will not see small numbers next to the filter parameters.
  • Improved indexing. It is recommended to update the search index manually.

0.5.0 beta2

  • Added snippet mFilter2
  • Added default javascript
  • Added default css

0.4.0 beta

  • Improved search algorithm. Added %LIKE% search for words, that was not found in index.
  • Improved highlight of search results for %LIKE% results.

0.3.0 beta1

  • Fixed snippet offset bug

0.3.0 beta

  • Improved search algorithm
  • Improved highlight of search results
  • Improved search snippet


  • Added manager pages
  • Added indexing plugin


  • Initial release with relevant morphological search.