Adding additional domains and subdomains for the site
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Version 1.2.6-pl
Release date 04.26.2024
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Warning! This component requires PHP version 5.4 or higher! If your site uses PHP less than required, the installation of this package could break it.
Warning! This package requires MODX not less than 2.3 !
SEO Domains — This is the addition of additional domains and subdomains for the site, with the ability to import domains from the XLSX file, and automatically add them to the Yandex Webmaster.

  • Additional domains and subdomains management (,,,,
  • Manage additional fields for each domain
  • Import domains from. XLSX file
  • Add and automatic authorization in Yandex.Webmaster
  • Automatically obtaining the coordinates of the
  • User can select a city

Example of use
To add a domain, go to Applications -> Cities and domains, click Add, and fill in the required fields

To add additional fields to the selected domain, click Additional fields and click add, enter the key which will be available through a call to the placeholder (Example: [[!+sd.price_1]]), as well as other fields.

Available placeholders
[[!+sd.domain]] — Domain
[[!]] — City
[[!+sd.city_r]] — City (declination)
[[!]] — Phone
[[!]] — E-mail
[[!+sd.address]] — Address
[[!+sd.address_full]] — Full address
[[!+sd.coordinats]] — Coordinats

Choosing a city on the site
Call the SeoDomainsList snippet at the desired location.

Adding to Webmaster
First, you need to register the application in, be sure to select the Access «Add sites to Yandex.Webmaster, getting information about indexing status». After receiving the ID, go to, after copy token, and save it in application Settings, key seodomains_token

Managing domains through the admin panel MODX
It is enough to register wildcard subdomains in Aliases to the site (Example: * When referring to a non-existent domain will be redirected to the primary domain that was entered in the settings (key seodomains_main_host)

Component settings
seodomains_default_email — Defauil E-mail
seodomains_default_phone — Defauil Phone
seodomains_html_parent — Parent resources for HTML verification
seodomains_main_host — Main host
seodomains_phx_prefix — Prefix for placeholders
seodomains_token — Yandex.OAuth Token

Q: Where can I find an example xlsx file to import?
A: The example is in the folder assets/components/seodomains/import


  • Add PHP8+ support


  • The richtext value in the "Cities and domains" content is now inherited from the resource
  • Update SeoDomains.City.tpl chunk


  • Fix 500 error for PHP5.4+
  • Remove '//' in SeoDomains.City.tpl chunk


  • Fix resource schema, varchar(255) -> text


  • Fix 500 error in Resource


  • Added a new tab in the Resources for content changes
  • Added search in SeoDomainsList snippet
  • Added supports PHP5.4+
  • Fixed a bug idn_utf8()
  • Remove circular forwarding if there is no primary domain in the list of cities.
  • Made a list of fields in settings
  • Rewritten snippet on PdoTools
  • Rewritten plugin on PdoTools
  • Rewritten chunks on Fenom


  • Added ability to load additional fields from xlsx file
  • Added the ability to copy the City (domain) with all additional fields


  • [fix] Cyrillic domains now work


  • Added param active in SeoDomainsList snippet
  • Bug fixes


  • Added EN lexicon
  • Added sorting (sortby, sortdir) in SeoDomainsList snippet
  • [fix] Placeholder domain is now available


  • First release