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Version 2.0.11-pl
Release date 07.01.2020
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Warning! This component requires PHP version 5.3 or higher! If your site uses PHP less than required, the installation of this package could break it.
Warning! This package requires MODX not less than 2.3 !
A convenient gallery with a preliminary generation of the preview when loading.

Due to no dynamic squeezing of pictures when loading the page, it works extremely fast and does not use any extra snippets like phpthumbof.

It can replace miniShop2 gallery and be integrated with Tickets.


  • Save active status of image to thumbnails


  • Improved synchronization of thumbnails with miniShop2.


  • Log error message if thumbnail could not be saved.


  • Improved compatibility with PHP 7.3


  • Improved compatibility with MySQL 5.7+


  • Update schema to work with utf8mb4.


  • Small fixes.


  • Returned back the ability to transliterate names of an uploaded files.


  • Fixed possible javascript error in ms2Gallery.utils.formatDate.


  • Fixed bug of gallery with drag-over in Firefox.
  • Added checking of availability of exif_read_data function.
  • Added displaying of exif date in image window if available.
  • Forced some settings for friendly names generation.
  • Recalculation of the rank of images when some of them are deleted.
  • New option &getPreviewProperties in the snippet ms2Gallery.


  • Fixed infinite loop when ms2GalleryResources called within pdoPage.


  • PSR-2.
  • Media source option "thumbnails" now uses key of array with parameters as alias for thumbnail.
  • Added "exif_date" in file properties if available.
  • New Fenom chunk for ms2Gallery with Fotorama script.
  • Ability to sync files with miniShop2 gallery.
  • Ability to sync files with Tickets uploaded.
  • Improved the sorting of images.
  • Removed system settings "ms2gallery_thumbnail_size" and "ms2gallery_exact_sorting".
  • Minimum required MODX version is 2.3+.


  • Improved sort of thumbnails.
  • Fixed wrong media source in the panel of resource.


  • Returned system setting "ms2gallery_thumbnail_size".
  • Fixed pagination in the 2.5.2 manager.


  • Improved compatibility with MySQL 5.7.
  • Improved compatibility with MODX 2.5.2.


  • Fixed possible bug with missing tab in MODX 2.5.1 with Tickets.


  • Improved preview in popup window for images.
  • Ability to use @INLINE and @FILE chunks in "ms2gallery_placeholders_tpl".
  • Ability to use names for previews instead of sizes.


  • Fixed preview in popup window for images from remote media sources.


  • Fixed cleaning of temporary files at the root of site.


  • Fixed compatibility with non-filesystem media sources.


  • Improved upload panel.


  • Added check of default media source in context settings.


  • Fixed saving parent properties to generated thumbs.


  • Uploader grid was moved into popup window.
  • [#10] Fixed handling of preview names.
  • [#8] Upload processor will return object with uploaded file.


  • Updated pdoTools version in the installer.


  • Improved upload of big files.
  • Upload processor can handle files from remote sources.


  • Improved handling of files with cyrillic names.


  • [#9] Fixed sort of non-image files.
  • Fixed bug with panel of msProduct.


  • New system setting "new_tab_mode".
  • New system setting "disable_for_ms2".


  • Ability to edit tags of multiple files.
  • Improved injection of gallery tab in resource page.
  • Improved compatibility with AjaxManager.
  • Improved multiple processors.
  • Improved styles for MODX < 2.3.


  • New system setting "exact_sorting".
  • Some code improvements.


  • New system setting "duplicate_check".
  • Fixed possible overwriting files with the equal names.


  • Removed extension from default file name on upload.
  • Added new fields in files: "add" and "alt".
  • Gallery view in manager now respects system parameter "ms2gallery_page_size".
  • Added ability to specify tags for files.
  • [ms2Gallery] Added parameter &tplSingle for such cases when retrieved only one file.
  • [ms2Gallery] Added parameter &parents so it can load files from multiple resources.
  • [ms2Gallery] Added parameter &tags for filtering files by tags.
  • [ms2Gallery] Added parameter &tagsVar for specifying &tags through $_REQUEST[&tagsVar].
  • [ms2Gallery] Added parameter &getTags to enable retrieving strings with tags of files.
  • [ms2Gallery] Added parameter &tplSingle. It`s empty by default.
  • Improved default javascript and css for calling multiple galleries on page.
  • Various UI improvements.
  • Fixed aggregate connection with resource in model.
  • Improved upload processor.
  • [#7] Fixed processing of system setting "ms2gallery_disable_for_templates".
  • Fixed bug with strange numbers in pagination in the manager.


  • Fixed sort processor.


  • [#5] Added system setting for disabling gallery tab for specified templates.
  • [#3] Files are removed along with resources.
  • [#1] Added system setting for template placeholders with resource images.
  • Added system setting for limiting resources by templates ids for which placeholders will be set.
  • Removed "fr" and "de" lexicons.
  • Max upload size now taken from media source settings.


  • Extended capacity of field "rank".


  • Added snippet "ms2GalleryResources".
  • Removed snippet "ms2GalleryFirstImages".


  • Fixed overwriting of resource properties on save.
  • Fixed pagination in the list of images.


  • Fixed adding of media_source in properties of new resource.


  • Fixed connectors_url for previews in window.


  • Removed TV "ms2Gallery".
  • Improved user interface.
  • Refactored gallery panel.
  • Fixed work with media sources.
  • Fixed panel resizing issues.
  • Fixed work with AjaxManager.
  • Improved getlist processor.
  • Disabled for msProducts pages.
  • Replaced Bootstrap icons to Font Awesome.


  • Fixed work with MODX 2.3.
  • Fixed sorting issues.


  • Added new parameter for media source: "imageUploadDir".
  • Added new setting for component: "ms2gallery_page_size".


  • Removed class msUtil
  • Refactored main class
  • Added support for upload non-image files
  • Removed ms2Gallery::initialize().
  • Moved scripts and styles parameters to snippet ms2Gallery.
  • Updated chunks for Bootstrap 3.
  • Ability to update chunks on upgrade.
  • Placeholders with gallery files on web page.
  • Ability to disable files in gallery.
  • Various fixes.
  • UI improvements.
  • Fixed uninstall issue.
  • Progressive JPG thumbnails.
  • Fixed parameter "offset" in snippet.
  • Fixed parameter "idx" in snippet.

1.0.4 rc5

  • fix initialize ms2Gallery class in snippets

1.0.4 rc4

  • fix mediasource load properties

1.0.4 rc3

  • fix resize on client

1.0.4 rc2

  • fix view ms2Gallery panel in mgr

1.0.4 rc1

  • fix resource param in snippet
  • fix config in tv call
  • fix file date

Added changes from (Thanks to bezumkin):

  • Added new fields in "msProductFile": "hash" for sha1 of file and json field "properties".
  • Added renaming files of resource gallery together with thumbnails.
  • [#63] Added new parameters for media source: "imageNameType". Switching to "friendly" will generate names for uploaded files by FURLs algorithm.
  • [#62] Fixed work with "*.gif" files in products gallery.
  • [#56] Added JSON field "properties" to "msResourceFile".
  • Updated jQuery to version 1.10.2
  • Added german lexicon.

1.0.3 rc7

  • fix error change source
  • move the gallery to tab "ms2Gallery"

1.0.3 rc6

  • fix lexicon for system settings

1.0.3 rc5

1.0.1 beta-1

  • Initial release.