Version 1.3.1-pl
Release date 11.15.2016
Downloads 381
Views 1 604
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  • Updated forms in chunks to register javascript at the bottom of page.
  • Fixed possible warning at line 151 of ufile.class.php at MODX 2.5.2.


  • PSR-2 code format.
  • Ability to use all properties of uploaded file in chunks.
  • Fixed ability to upload anonymous files.


  • Improved installation script for MODX 2.4.


  • Updated pdoTools version in the installer.


  • Some code optimizations and improvements.


  • Improved support of animated GIFs.
  • Enabled logging of phpThumb messages on level INFO.


  • Fixed generation of urls for files.


  • Rolled back random files names due to browser cache issues.

1.1.4 pl

  • Improved work in second context.
  • Files are named as hash from their content.

1.1.3 pl

  • Ability to overwrite chunks on package upgrade.
  • Updated chunks for Bootstrap 3.

1.1.2 pl

  • Progressive images.

1.1.1 pl

  • Fixed work with Amazon S3
  • Fixed work with non-standard core path

1.1.0 pl

  • Updated Uploadify files to their latest versions.
  • Added option "Reduce the source twice" for screenshots from "Retina" display.

1.0.0 pl

  • Added UploadiFive in package.

1.0.0 beta

  • Initial release.