Demo data for minishop - categories, products and manufacturers
Version 1.0.3-pl
Release date 01.19.2019
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The component is a tool for the rapid deployment of an online store based on
minishop. It contains demo data with categories, manufacturers and products.

The component has 3 profiles with demo data:
  • Import of 26 multi-level categories
  • Import of 9 manufacturers with name, logo and description
  • Importing 150 items with a description and other filled parameters:
    • images (some have 2 pictures)
    • filled fields — pagetitle, longtitle, content, introtext, published, deleted, createdon, publishedon
    • options — price, old_price, article, color, size, tags, new, popular, favorite, weight, made_in
      (selective filling)
    • Product Category — assigned if imported
    • The manufacturer of the goods — is assigned, if previously imported
    • You can import separately: products, manufacturers, categories

after import we get

Login: manager
Password: manager

The advantage of manually filling the store

This is time, because even for creating multiple
categories for a dozen products with different descriptions and options, and adding a manufacturer, it will take at least
20 minutes time.
Moreover, as a rule, it is required that the goods have 0, 1 or 2 pictures in order to develop an understanding of how this will be displayed on the frontend. In general, there are many complexities that are difficult to take into account when filling out products and categories.

All demo data can be deleted with a single click. Since at the time of import, the ID of each imported
record is recorded.

That is, you can fill the Internet store with your content without fear that when deleting your products or categories, too, will be deleted.

All demo data is stored in the core/components/demodata/import folder in a convenient
CSV format. So everyone can make their list of goods and categories for themselves.

Folder contents core/components/demodata/import
catalog/data/product images
catalog/vendors/images of manufacturers


demodata_createdby_resource — Assign the user who created the resource (by default 1 but you can specify your user)
demodata_parent_resource — Parent category for importing categories and products (default is empty). Fill in before import.

Settings — minishop

Template for categories and products is set through the settings of minishop:
ms2_template_category_default — template for categories
ms2_template_product_default — template for goods

Data in CSV format is prepared using the component ExportUsers.

For convenient management of goods, you can use the component msPre


  • Добавлена поддержка версий php 5.4


  • Поддержка английского языка


  • New build script.