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Version 1.5.0-pl
Release date 12.03.2019
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Warning! This component requires PHP version 7.0 or higher! If your site uses PHP less than required, the installation of this package could break it.

Extension, with which you can create an rss feed, for subsequent use by users of the site and in special programs-aggregators (readers).

key features of the plugin:
  • Creating a fully ready-to-use RSS feed
  • Quick notifications: information about new material comes as soon as the resource is updated
  • Information is placed in one place, which is easy to view and which is collected automatically
  • save traffic: no RSS feed will take as much traffic as loading each page separately

strong>install extension:
  1. Download the installation package and install it;
  2. Create a new resource;
  3. the
  4. Add the snippet [[!rss?]];
  5. configure the snippet;
  6. Set xml content type;
  7. Save.

Next, you can use the ready RSS feed for your own purposes. For example, place a link to it on your website, or add it to a special program-aggregator, for example in your group, in the social network «Vkontakte».

in case the number of resources that you want to add an rss feed is very large, it is recommended to create multiple rss feeds. Otherwise, the script will crash due to lack of resources on your server.

description of rss snippet settings:
  • parents — List of parents ID of resources. Separated by commas. If the parent ID starts with" -", the parent is excluded from the selection along with all its resources.
  • resources — list of resource IDS. Separated by commas. If the ID starts with" -", the resource is excluded from the selection.
  • showUnpublished-Show unpublished resources.
  • showDeleted-Show deleted resources.
  • showHidden-Show hidden resources.
  • hideContainers-Show container resources.
  • copyright — Copyright or authorship information on the RSS feed.
  • managingEditor-Email address of the channel responsible for content.
  • webMaster-Email address of the channel responsible for the technical part of the publication.
  • pubDate — date of publication of the channel.
  • lastBuildDate — time of the last modification of the channel.
  • category — The category to which the channel belongs.
  • docs-Show a link to the RSS subspecies documentation file.
  • ttl — Number of minutes during which the channel remains relevant.
  • image-Link to the cover of the channel.
  • cloud-Enable channel change notification.
  • name — the name of the channel.
  • description-description of the channel.
  • language — the Language of the channel.
  • itemImage — Name or ID of the field with the image of the resource.
  • tvFilters-Selection of resources by tv fields. Tv fields are separated by commas in the form: field NAME_TV_FIELD=VALUE
  • where-Custom selection conditions in json format.
  • yandexMetricaParams-Yandex Metrics counter Parameters
  • scheme-url generation Scheme.

there is No support for an extension installed on Modx with a modified kernel!


  • Initial release.


  • Fixed paths.
  • Added filtering of HTML.


  • Added tv filters.
  • Added user conditions.


  • Delete old settings.


  • Fixed E_NOTICE.
  • Fixed undeclared variable (PHP 7.1)
  • Fixed possible E_WARNING


  • Improved HTML cleaner.


  • Add URL scheme generation.