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Version 2.0.9-beta
Release date 02.18.2020
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Warning! This component requires PHP version 7.0 or higher! If your site uses PHP less than required, the installation of this package could break it.

An extension with which you can create an rss feed suitable for the requirements of Yandex web pages.

key features of the plugin:
  • support setting and output search
  • support menu setting and output
  • support setting and output widgets, feedback form
  • support setting and output of various buttons (Email, phone, etc.)
  • support for setting and displaying ad units
  • support for configuration and output of Analytics systems
  • support setting and output of social buttons

install extension:
  1. Download the installation package and install it;
  2. Create a new resource;
  3. Add the snippet [[!turbopages?]];
  4. configure the snippet;
  5. Set xml or rss or text content type;
  6. Save.
  7. Upload the resulting RSS file to Yandex.Webmaster
  8. to Enable the display of the Turbo pages.

in case the number of resources you want to add to an rss feed is very large, it is recommended to create multiple feeds. Otherwise, the script will crash due to lack of resources on your server.

description of turbopages snippet settings:
  • parents — the List of IDs of parent resources. Separated by commas. If the parent ID starts with "-", the parent is excluded from the selection along with all its resources
  • resources — list of resource IDS. Separated by commas. If the ID starts with "-", this resource is excluded from the selection
  • showUnpublished — Show unpublished resources
  • showDeleted — Show remote resources
  • showHidden — Show hidden resources
  • hideContainers — Show container resources
  • itemChunk — chunk with turbo element content design
  • language — content Language
  • liveInternetParams — LiveInternet Counter
  • mailRUCounterId — counter ID Mail RU
  • mediascopeCounterId — Mediascope counter desc-ID
  • ramblerCounterId — Rambler counter ID
  • yAndexAdId — ID block Yandex advertising network
  • customCounterUrl — Link to another counter
  • adFoxAdScript — Code of AdFox advertising network
  • fileds — Specify comma separated field codes to be loaded
  • tvs — enter comma separated ID or codes for the fields to be loaded
  • yandexMetricaId — ID of Yandex Metrics counter
  • tvFilters — selection of resources by tv fields. Tv fields are separated by commas in the form: FIELD_NAME=VALUE
  • where — Custom sampling conditions in json format
  • yandexMetricaParams — Yandex Metrics counter Parameters
  • scheme — URL scheme generation.

Snippet validatecontent is designed to bring content with html code to the form that requires Yandex.Turbo. It is recommended to use in the element content design chunk.

We don't support extension, installed on Modx with a modified kernel!


  • Initial release.


  • Added rating.


  • Added options descriptions.


  • Updated markup for new requirements.


  • Upgraded html cleaner.
  • Added function to automatically close non-closed html tags


  • Added the ability to design the content of the element through the chunk.
  • Replaced the core of the RSS feed generator with a more productive and efficient.
  • Added support for ad units.
  • Added analytics counter support.
  • Removed unused settings
  • Significantly simplified snippet configuration process


  • Improved HTML cleaner.


  • Updated markup for new requirements.


  • Added tv filters.
  • Added user conditions.


  • Delete old settings.


  • Fixed E_NOTICE.
  • Fixed undeclared variable (PHP 7.1)
  • Fixed possible E_WARNING


  • Add URL scheme generation.


  • Workaround for uncaught DOMException: Invalid Character occurred by some users.


  • Fixed DOMException: Invalid Character occurred by some users.
  • Optimize database queries.


  • Add new option: AuthorName.